I now offer framing for my single characters:

  • 20mm wide flat ash wood moulding with a black stain finish

  • Textured Arqadia mount

  • Acrylic safety glazing

  • Framed Dimensions  W34 cm x L65 cm x D1.3 cm

Framing costs an additional £60, please note this will also increase the P+P cost due to size and weight.

Bespoke frames and mounts:

I purchase my frames from and my mounts from

Please find the frame and mount sizes below, you can also purchase mounts from eframe or bespoke frames from readymade. They’re wholesalers however, so have quite a high minimum spend.


225 Black Frame 31cm x 62cm

Mount Aperture 20cm x 49cm 8065 Arqadia (textured)

Doubles A2

225 Black Frame 50 x 70cm

Mount Aperture 39cm x 49cm Arqadia 8065 (textured)

Off the shelf frames:

For singles you could buy Neilsen’s multi aperture frames which are 25cm x 60cm to fit the paper only (no mount).

For the A2 Doubles you could buy Ribba 50 x 70cm frames from Ikea and the free mount included will fit.