Hello there!  

I am currently on maternity leave getting to grips with motherhood. Hopefully the info below should answer any questions you may have until I return to work.

When will you be returning to work/selling online?

Unfortunately my son has had a bit of a rough start to life, so this is a difficult question to answer at the moment.  Please add yourself to my mail list by clicking here if you would like to by notified when I reopen my online store.

Is there anywhere else I could purchase your work?

Yes, limited stock is available at the following:

Studio 73 Brixton Village


or Last Supper Gallery

42 Webbs Road, SW11 6SF

0207 223 8900

How do you frame your work?

Please find the frame and mount sizes which I use below, you can purchase both the frames and mount from www.readymadepictureframe.com . They’re wholesalers so you would need to spend minimum £150 + £21 P&P plus VAT.  You can see examples of these frames/mounts in the gallery on my site here. 

Frame & Mount Sizes


225 Black Frame 31cm x 62cm 

Mount Aperture 20cm x 49cm 8065 (textured) 

Doubles A2

225 Black Frame 50 x 70cm

Mount Aperture 39cm x 49cm 8065 (textured) 

Special Editions

I have these float mounted in a 55cm x 75cm box frame, so I would recommend taking these to a professional framer.

Further enquiries

Any further enquiries please email mail@mashka.co.uk. Unfortunately I will only be able to review these intermittently, as I need to focus on caring for my son at this time.